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Akrama sakrama cut off date ?


Akrama sakrama cut off date ?

Last updated: July 28 2014
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  • Akrama sakrama cut off date ?

    Hi all

    Got a proposal to purchase a newly constucted individual house


    1. HAL Sanitory board - A khatha

    2 No BBMP Approval Plan

    3 betterment charges paid - Not required

    4 No dc conversion - Not required , since it is within BBMP Limits

    5 Up to date tax paid


    Now agents are telling

    Now They can get the BBMP Approved plan
    with present date


    should I consider this property

    Does the above property fall under Akrama -Sakrama

    if yes ,Akrama sakrama cut off date is October 19 , 2013.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re : Akrama sakrama cut off date ?

    don't believe brokers.. Get the property thorughly verifed legally and take your lawayers opinion


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      Re : Akrama sakrama cut off date ?

      Thanks for the Response

      I want to know, Whether

      This property falls under Akrama sakrama or not

      this building is completed construction in July 2014.

      But I Read in internet that Oct 19 ,2013 is the cut off date for Akrama sakrama

      if any one has more info , Please clarify the community

      Thanks in advance


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?