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Property price in Kengeri, Bangalore


Property price in Kengeri, Bangalore

Last updated: March 10 2010
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  • Property price in Kengeri, Bangalore

    I would appreciate information on the rates prevailant in Kengeri area in Bangalore
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    Re : Property price in Kengeri, Bangalore

    There are lots of sites & at various prices.

    At Poornapragna its at 3000 per sq.ft. inside & 3300 close to the road.
    At Bharat House Building Society its at 2900
    At Reflex House Building its about 3000

    All these layouts I have seen & I recently bought one at Reflex cause it had tar roads which other layouts didnt have & also a bakery in the layout. They had also dug a borewell along with municipal water. There's also a new provision & medical shop & 2 bustops in the layout. Very happy with my purchase. Even I insist you try there.

    Compared to other layouts this layout is very flat surface,while others are up & down.


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?