Hi Friends,

I have invested in Atmanand Sagar layout in 2009 of this Karnatka Telecome housing soceity in Mysore. I havepaid 3 installments but not yet get call for 4th installment and keep telling for next 2-3 months.
Does any bosy have any idea for this Layout?
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  • Hi,
    I have also invested in Atmanand Sagara. They have not released any sites. When asked they tell it is under process, It may take 3 months. (I have been hearing this since 3-4 years). Every 3rd month i visit their office, but i get the same response.
    • sine902 years ago

      I have also invested since 2007, when ever I go they say in 2 to 3 months. Is there something we can do about it.
  • Wow!

    2 years, may be even 3+ years and they have still not released you the plot?

    You might want to re double your efforts towards this. There is definitely something fishy about this.

    I know many 'Telecom'/'Ex-serviceman' layouts like these. The society office people suddenly get rich overnight, drive expensive cars and then scoot. The remaining members realize money is gone. Members pay extra cash to prevent a full loss and get substandard quality in return. Many times nothing at all. People eventually realize the money is gone, and move on.

    There is also other kind of fraud that goes around with these plots. Society office bearers get plots for free, sometimes their relatives too!

    Basically you pay for their plots. Watchout!
  • I have purchased the plot in 2004, an still not recieved ,they say they have released 352 .Does anyone has the same situation.we will form a group.
  • never ever go for any unapporved projects (apartments/plots) , basic of ideas of these groups is to attract people with Low cost option of paying by installment. now trend is buy approved project with all approvals/amenities in place , price willbe hihg but investment is safe. complain them with RERA
  • Hi everyone

    We are also impacted party to this. Since 2006 no progress. Havent heard from them about allotment.

    Their website says :


    1725 SITES

    If any of you received allotment letter for Athmananda Sagara, please let us know.

  • Hi all,

    Even I am in the same boat. Why don't we all share our contact numbers and go meet them in person?

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    • Mahe9920001 years ago
      Same situation here, Applied for Kuberanandasagara in 2011. Still no update. Website says it will take 16 months, but that information in Website has not changed from last 1 yr.
  • Hi All,

    This seems to be the only forum I could look up for Atmanand Sagar online..My father had booked a site and while reviewing his papers came to know of the full payment and no registration..I also happened to go to see the physical location..its quite far way from the original prospectus that all of us signed up for. I will appreciate if someone can help me with

    1) A name and number of any person you all have been dealing with.

    2) Any guidance on how to go about registration if anybody has been successful.

    3) Any information regarding the move of the society from Belvadi to Nagwala.