No more low-cost sites in layouts drawn up by the Bangalore Development Authority. The basic price has been raised to Rs. 500 per sq. ft from Rs. 200 earlier for sites with a 30 x 40 minimum dimension. The price for 60 x 40 sites is being reviewed. Larger sites (50 x 80) are to be auctioned to generate funds for subsidizing economic housing projects, i. e. budget flats.

The basic price has been hiked as it includes investment on underground drainage, water supply, roads and electricity.

After about 30 years of operation, the BDA plans to do away with 20 x 30 sites and replace them with budget flats for the weaker sections. The new layout will be carved out based on land division formula that will put an end to land acquisition problems.

Budget flats within the city, according to BDA Commissioner, MKS Gowda, will cut down on long-distance travel and ease traffic congestions. Vertical housing is ideal, given suitable infrastructure development. Small-dimension plots which give rise to sheds and shanties have to be eliminated. Five hundred acres have been earmarked for flats for the poor—500 sq ft for one-bedroom flat and 700 sq. ft. for a two-bedroom apartment.
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