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Rohan Iksha, Rohan Builders, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore


Rohan Iksha, Rohan Builders, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Last updated: December 18 2018
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  • Rohan Iksha, Rohan Builders, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

    Dear IRS members,

    I need your feedback on Rohan Iksha project, which is currently in Pre-launch.
    This project is coming behind Cessena business park, 8.5 acre of land and planning around 485 units.
    In pre-launch they are quoting 5000 psft and 2 bhk (1258 sft) is costing around 76 Lacs with registration.
    I want to buy it for investment purpose, but not sure about the return in next 3-5 years as there are so many other projects coming in the near by area.
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    Re : Rohan Iksha, Rohan Builders, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

    I am also keen to have some feedback. Location looks good, not heard of Rohan builders and their prior completed project history. Anybody visited the site? Currently is there any activity going on.


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      Re : Rohan Iksha, Rohan Builders, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

      Hi Both,

      I have no idea about the builder but I have been staying in this locality for last one year. I have also visited the project site, locality is good for investment. There are already many international school in this area, including the Horizon school infront the site, also another international school is coming up. Prestige has a very big investment in that area, including villa. That area is booming like anything. Commercial building is also coming up from Prestige. You have the road which meets directly to Sarjapur. Only concern is water, borewell water is not so good in that areae, thats the only cons. If you have good budget & you have checked previous project from the builder, then go for it.

      With regards,


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        Re : Rohan Iksha, Rohan Builders, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

        Hi Folks

        Has any one invested in the Rohan Iksha Project . Please do share your email ids.

        Lately , I heard that construction is on hold because of the narrow road that leads to the project is under dispute or shut down



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          Re : Rohan Iksha, Rohan Builders, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

          I am also looking for updates on Rohan Iksha. Is the road dispute sorted out?


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            Re : Rohan Iksha, Rohan Builders, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

            I would like all who are looking for Rohan Ikshaa as an option should regularly visit and update here. This can be a good forum for all to share and discuss concerns.
            I visited their site yesterday and had discussion with them.

            They are offering no pre-emi till possession scheme. What I learnt from the scheme is that they want to have access to easy money at our risk( I am not using the word "expense" specifically since the interest will be borne by builder).

            Why risk? Coz the loan is on our name and thus we are taking the risk of delayed/no payment of pre-emi by builder. Bank will say that loan is in your name and thus it is your responsibility.

            Why easy money? Because the loan being given is to the individual as a home loan which in India is at discount as compared to loan given to company for their business. Thus builder will get loan at reduced interest then he might have been able to get directly from the bank at his own risk etc. Further, the bank giving loan to builder directly for the project will be at cost and not at selling price. Thus the amount of money builder will get as a loan will be way less in case he takes it as business loan. While in case of no pre-emi scheme loan is being given to home buyer and hence the loan amount is on selling price of builder. Thus access to more money than required. Thus more money at reduced rate. Isn't it easy money for builder?

            Of-course these are the benefits to builder but does not mean a drawback to the buyer. Thus no need to panic also. Just putting my thoughts.

            With no pre-emi scheme ..... Builder will get the whole loan amount upfront. I am assuming that the loan disbursement will not be construction linked as I am yet to get my query replied by the builder. Such schemes are termed buyer un-friendly by RBI who has taken serious objection to such schemes in the past. (I am not sure ... just read it somewhere on the internet). I don't know if anything against this scheme is issued from RBI in writing or not.

            I also asked if I don't want to avail loan and pay from my pocket, can I also go for 10% now and rest on possession scheme. Yet to get answer.
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            • papun84
              papun84 commented
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              Hi,I am also looking for buying an apartment in rohan iksha..can you please suggest about your experience with the builder??have you bought any flat there? please reply..
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            Re : Rohan Iksha, Rohan Builders, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

            Hi, has anyone booked in rohan iksha
            If yes then at what price
            currently they are asking for 72 lakhs for 2 bhk


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              Re : Rohan Iksha, Rohan Builders, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

              Hello , My sister has bought a flat there.. about a year back in Phase 1. I don't recollect the per sq feet they charged.
              I visited the site last week for tile selection. From what I can see, they have done a good job.
              Construction is clean and quality seems to be good. Rohan has many projects in Bangalore. Rohan Jharoka, Vasantha etc..


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                Re : Rohan Iksha, Rohan Builders, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

                Very disappointing experiance with Rohan Builders. I bought a 2BHK in ROHAN IKSHA, Bangalore
                there is no cordination between marketing/sale team and construction team.Sale team will do all false promises and none of them will be fullfilled by construction team.
                In my case they did not provide the slab,sink,tap in kitchen and not labour also. for labour they said they will give refund of 1900 RS which 1/3 of actual labour 88 lakh Rs apartment they are not co opeating with client to give basic facilty but sale team made so many fake prmises.
                think twice before you go for Rohan. Dont expect any co ordination from Rohan


                Have any questions or thoughts about this?