Dear Friends I am posting this as i was inquiring about projects on IVC road for investment purpose. I have checked with many Builders and Societies. They not at all transparent especially after Thindlu Village towards Doddaballapur Road. When I went for verification in Devanahalli Tahasildar Office and BIAAPA i found the following document which clearly states its water source area or Tank Bund area and further any development activities is prohibited. These Societies and Builders are hiding actual facts for their greed. I am attaching the documents i found. Double check if you investing in these area as it is our hard earned money. I have backed out of investing these area. Spread this message friends so no one is cheated as i came to know many builders and societies have already took more than 1000 bookings.
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  • Suraj Even i have no idea but as per this order every activity like registration, conversion and approval is stopped. I have checked once again.
    If it approved before this order i think it may be valid please check with ur advocate. Atleast this developers has approved but some societies have not even acquired land and promising site in this area. this is big scam.

  • HI suraj,

    I wanted to book a plot in General Insurance Layout from Unaathi group, But phase 2 is not approved and phase 1 is approved.
    I wanted to buy in phase 2 can i go and buy the plot and they say approval will be completed in 2 years.

  • Hi Suraj ,

    Do you mind letting me know which layout did you purchase the property. I was also going through various sites in Aredeshanahalli but could not decide on a genuine plot.

  • I am also interested to know which property you finalized. There are many layouts nearby.
  • Hi Vikash123,
    Does Health City and other projects nearby gets affected by this?
  • Health CIty comes under Thindlu so it is affected Geeyes
  • The document is dated more than one year ago. Is there any update on this? Health city website says they have already closed booking for phase I, The phase II bookings are open. How come?
  • Cgtit's project also impacted?

    Any idea if CGTIT's Bhuvanagiri layout project on IVC road also impacted by this?
    CGTIT | Bangalore
  • Another Scam in IVC road even society people of Health City and CGTIT know about this order they duping investors God help u guys who have already invested. Even when we have documented proof people tend to believe these dupers because of Society Names.

    Beware in investing with these societies.
  • Biappa approval?

    hi vikash,

    I am asking about Health city IVC road project. If it is prohibited area, how will they get the BIAPPA approval?

    Anyhow they are saying. If they will not get approval; they will return back our money with out interest. In this prospect is it safe to invest money here.
  • It like keeping ur money in someone else account and he reap benefit u get ur money without interest after 2-3 years. What a joke
  • absolutely correct.
    better to avoid all these health-city, telecom society, excise layouts etc in the IVC road stretch.

    PS: I am a stuck with excise layout investment from last 3 yrs without any progress and now trying to get my money back
  • State Excise layout-Unnathi Developer

    I have withdrawn from state excise layout . The builder Unnathi showed me the land next to Aishwrya aero as state excise layout phase1. I was tricked and my money was trapped for 2,3 years. Don't trust this builder.
  • Hello Friends,

    I am looking for a completed society layout sites. please suggest me if you know any good project.

  • Hi All,

    Am planning to invest in Krishna Greens Midlake Phase II. As anyone else invested in phase I or planning to invest in phase II.

    Is it good to invest here?
    It is a society marketed by M&M.

    Also any opinions on Krishna Greens IVC ?