I registered a site last year december - 2014 in a layout which consists of around 33 sites.

Below are the details.

1. This layout is DC converted and Gram Panchayat approved (Mandur)
2. I got registered using manual khatha form 9 and 11 issued by Grama panchayath.


1. Can i avail E khatha (computer generated form 9 and 11) for this site ? Since i heard only BMRDA/BIAPPA approved layouts is eligible for getting E khatha.

Please help me on this.

Kishore V
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  • E Khatha for Gram Panchayat Approved Layout

    You can't avail the E khatha for this site.
  • Can you please let me know the reason for this?
    So what type of Khatha i can get (manual 9 and 11)?
  • I guess you can get the e-Khata. PLease talk to the panchayat office..
  • GP approved layout

    I brought a site In Mandur village below are the details.

    1. DC converted (39 plots) 1.2 acres land
    2. Doesn't comes under BBMP
    3. Grama panchayat approved layout

    is there any issue in purchasing this plot? can you please help me...
  • u can get E-khatha respective panchyath office check?
    resell will be issue since it is DC converted layout and most banks will not finance these properties.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    I checked with panchayat office they are ready to give Manual katha 9/11 not E katha.
    Is it safe to get manual katha as of now?

    Since it is GP approved, can this land be acquired by BDA or any other agency for development activities later?

    Kishore V
  • Hi Kishore,

    For D.C converted layout formed after June 2013 or D.C sites registered after this date will not get E-Katha. RPDR had provided an exception that the site formed before 2013 can get E-Katha before the rule came into existence. The layouts which are formed after 2013 need BMRDA approval, without which you will not get E-Katha.

    Since now Bangalore East is extended till Hoskote toll gate and Mandur comes under Bangalore East ( not under Bangalore Rural) and definitely this will become part of BBMP it is just a matter of time. If you had E-katha, it will be treated a A katha when under BBMP, since PID is already provided.

    Even i own an site in budigere cross. which also falls under Mandur panchayat, since the layout was formed before 2013 and sites registered before 2013, we have all received E-Katha.

  • Panchayth approved layout will get only 9/11 katha. It is the most dangerous one to buy. even the land can be take by govt

    DC Converted sites should get E-Katha. It is lttle risk free. but here also risk are there.

    DC convertion should be given by proper authroity. not by panchayath. panchaayth approved DC converstion in invalid.