I'm exploring investing in commercial space - office or mall/shops for rentals. Found threads about this topic in Pune, Noida forums but not in Bangalore forum.

If any one has knowledge or experience around this, can you please share pointers reg. options, feedback, if its worth or not, things to take care, lock-in period, rental income range, property appreciation, reviews about different offerings, main differences between residential and commercial investing etc.

E.g., I heard prestige tech park in ORR offers this investment option. But how to proceed/invest - do we approach prestige directly or they've some dealership, with whom we should talk?

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  • 100+ views but not replies?!
  • My guess is commercial properties in Bangalore are usually controlled by the big builders or the local politicians or the Reddys.. the average IT professional in Bangalore (who spends most of his time on IREF) doesn't tread into anything other than residential properties. :D
  • No no.. I got to know that Prestige tech park on ORR offers undivided share of property in multiples of as low as Rs. 10L. Similarly some commercials spaces like malls in white field, and even in residential space uniworld offers this rentals as managed services. This concept is quite popular in north - gurgoan etc.

    So thats why I was exploring more and wanted to know feedback / more pointers.
  • If you are a working professional, dont invest in commercial office space. It is a very niche product and cannot be managed easily.
    Cost of acquisition is high. The builders sell small spaces and then extract their pound of flesh through common area maintenance (CAM) charges. CAM charges sometimes go up to 8-10 rs per sqft. In addition property taxes are high.

    The last part is the tenancy. Small offices are picked up by lawyers or CAs. IT companies dont pick up small spaces. They pay low rentals .. upper floors get just 25-50 rs per sqft per month. Finally the ROI is close to 5-6%. Best case-7%. Not worth it.