Any feed back on this project?
•35 acres of high street shopping & commercial plaza

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  • whats the price?

    I am also looking to buy villa plots for investment in Bangalore north . . What is the price quoted in this layout?
  • I guess it's 4100 but not sure it's worth the price while u get 1000-2000 in most other places
  • Price is too high. I asked them to send me price list initially they sent price at 4125 but then they recalled the email and sent it with 4325.

    2125 SQFT land * 4125 will cost 1.6 crores
    2125 SQFT land * 4325 will cost 1.11 crores

    It is out of my budget :)
  • There are other properties like Ferns North Star which are available at 2500 per sqft.
  • I have given my expression of interest fro embassy springs. However, their setback are so high that you can construct only around 1000 sq.ft per floor even on 2400 sq.ft land. Anyone else with similar experience?