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Are you a real estate investor looking for ROI and willing to rent out your property? Are you looking for properties on Rent and don't have an Idea of rents in Bengaluru? If yes then please check out Bengaluru Rental Yield Report prepared by IREF Research on rental yields in ~150 localities of Bengaluru. Please provide your feedback/questions/improvements here.
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  • Bengaluru Rental Yield Report - IREF

    Here are a few snapshots from the report.
    • Indusnri3 years ago
      Mumbai? Similar report?
  • Do you have similar report for Hyderabad/Pune ?
  • Originally Posted by sripallu
    Do you have similar report for Hyderabad/Pune ?

    Stay tuned, our team is working on it :)
  • Furnished versus unfurnished

    Nicely prepared.

    Question: In this report, what exactly do you mean by "furnished"? All rooms furnished? Or only kitchen furnished?

    The terms I am generally aware of are (and there doesn't seem any standardization here):
    - Unfurnished (UF): Just bare walls and ceiling, plus geysers, lights, fans
    - Semi-furnished (SF): UF + kitchen is furnished (kitchen cabinets and drawers are available)
    - Furnished (F): SF + closets in all rooms and wall-unit for TV are available
    - Fully-furnished (FF): F + sofas, dinette, beds and appliances like TV, fridge, washing machine, etc.

    I will be renting out my 2BHK shortly, and am wondering up to what extent I should furnish it. In Bangalore, which of the above 4 kinds has greatest demand per your data/experience?
  • Excellent work IREF
  • So,average return is around 3 - 3.5% ?!
  • Hai,

    Nice team work. Clearly mention all details. Its very helpful for me.
  • Can suggest is beneficial to buy second house.. Will it appreciate ..
  • Good effort.. Tell me did you take samples only from what is is listed in housing.. I do see many areas missing.. For example Ulsoor,.. Indiira Nagar.. Any particular reason. Don't IT people rent places here
  • IREF Team - Excellent report. Provides a decent perspective on various localities.

    Few questions:
    1. What was the sample size used for generating the various reports/graphs? Did you extrapolate the sample size to derive a particular localities' metrics?
    2. What was the source for the analysis? Was it all listings in or some sort of aggregation that you did to get unique listings across different property portals?
    3. What were some if the assumptions made/fed to your model?
    4. Was there an attempt to involve variables like gated communities vs non-gated communities, villas vs non-villas etc.
    5. Any other economic indicators used in your analysis ?
    6. What was the hypothesis and did the results prove/disprove your hypothesis ?

    Appreciate a response.

    Good job overall.
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  • Originally Posted by realbyr
    Is current market rate of flat is considered or the rate at which owner purchased initially. If initial purchase rate is considered then in my area I see it in the range of 7.6 to 10%

    obviously its based on current market price
  • It recommends renting for Banglore
  • Good work from IREF
  • To have 'I' as 'Annual Rent Income' isn't entirely accurate.

    'I' should be

    A = (Price of the house in the current year) - (Price of the house in the previous year)
    B = Net Rent accumulated in the current year
    C = Taxes paid in the current year for the house/asset
    D = Maintenance expenses in the current year

    So, I = (A + B) - (C + D)

    If, I were to adopt the compound interest way of computing things in which returns conrtibute back to one's portfolio to contribute to further returns. Then I would also take my ( A + B ) from various other properties in my portfolio, and put a YoY growth in my portfolio, and factor that too.