almost every day there are adverts on land investment in these far flung places?? Is it worth investing in them? What could be the rate of appreciation? Any opinions?? Suggestions?? Please.
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  • I think we can buy them if they are close to main highway to Chennai. They must give good yeilds in long term (after 5 years or so!)
  • my stand on this - if you find screaming advert.s and lot of marketing probably its not worth it.

    you may have come across lot of tele-marketing selling this and that offers. i usually say to them if its so unbelievably great offer why are u calling me ...there should be a queue at your place ..
  • Business tricks

    That is a business trick, it is like buy one sliper and get one free, there are also buy 1 and get 2 free in thindavanam, anyway the guideline value is 38,000 for ground 2400 sqft. Maintaince for 5 years will come to 3 lakhs which is not a big thing for them, free registeration will also come 2000 to 3000 only. so just calculate... it is worth or not. Thankyou
  • Do you have the holding power!

    Hi, wherever you invest on land will appreciate in future - having said that let me also say you do not want to lock up your hard earned money on something which is too long in the future and ability to appreciate compared to other locations, also do you have guarantee of protecting this land for such a long period, any other cost building into it, regular /occasional visit, fencing, etc. etc. think before you leap in!