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Building Plan approval


Building Plan approval

Last updated: August 24 2010
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  • Building Plan approval

    Hello all,

    I am posting the discussion I had with abk as per abk request.

    From : abk
    To : johnson_raj
    Date : 2010-08-24 11:11
    Title : Re: Building Plan approval
    Originally posted by johnson_raj
    Originally posted by abk
    Originally posted by johnson_raj
    Hello ABK,

    I am Johnson, I want some clarification from you.

    I have bought two adjacent plots of 1040 each in Porur ( each with 20 x 52, with the total of 40x52). When the plots are separate, I was informed that you cannot submit the building plan as separate. is it right ? or any otehr ways are there.

    The another question is we get approval as separate houses and construct as single house (taking deviation) what are the problems I will face.

    I found your replies to many queries useful to many people.


    you can get seperate approval i dont see any reason for not getting approval.

    a deviation is against the law and is liable to be demolished.

    but everyone is doing it and is generally not a problem,but i dont see the reason to get two approvals and build one.

    Thanks abk.

    I am sorry for not being clear. I am told I cannot submit a single application for the construction in two plots, It has to be two separate plans and two separate applications.


    you have to submit a reconstitute deed combining both the plots and getting a single is possible to build one building vide one approval in two plots by reconstituting them,this does not require reregn.
    put this in a new thread this will help others too.
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