I have done negotiating a property which normally would be around 50-55 to around 40. Now the problem is looks like their was a litigation on this property with the neighbor. Now the person quotes that he has judgement in his favour and I can verify. But the point is judgement is given on sometime in june and looks like still judgement order not received. He said I can verify the OSxx and number, he says that judgement gets printed somewhere outside so it might take some time. Please help me on this how should I go abt this..
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  • Do no worry. You need to read the judgement copy thoroughly and check these:
    1. Title owner of the property you are/have purchased.
    2. The survey numbers mentioned and the area of the land which concerns you.
    3. What is the litigation about?

    If the litigation is about the compound wall area. It is minor.
    If the litigation is about ownership. It is major.

    Be clear about what the litigation is about. Recheck all parent documents.

    Take care.
  • Thanks for the response. One thing that concerns me even if I check is the person selling is a Political Party person and his brother is an Advocate. So I am little worried can they make things appear in favor to them.. Basically its a land of 4800 sqft and in which the litigation is on the 1200 sqft piece in here.