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Land shopping - Property shows in Gulf countries


Land shopping - Property shows in Gulf countries

Last updated: January 29 2011
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  • Land shopping - Property shows in Gulf countries

    Dear all

    This is my first visit to our forum.

    I am happy to join this healthy forum. Simply reading thru some posts helped me gain a lot of info - so thanks for all the members.

    Property exhibitions have become very popular, some carry their marketing all the way to foreign countries and I happened to visit one in a Gulf country.

    This was my first visit to a Indian property exhibition in a foreign country but soon I found myself into serious shopping and almost settled on one. My friend felt that the prices are too inflated - a certain popular destination for many realtors near Sriperumbudur

    Luckily I found this forum and along with a lot of useful info including
    • a long essay - from the farmers hand to find a place in the 'layout' with DTCP approval stamp. The thoroughness of this essay fascinated me.
    • some opinions that reflected the doubt that ran thru my friends mind about the price - how the promoter adds 5 - 7 yrs profit also to the price and hence the land is sold at a premium
    So I want to thank and congratulate the forum members who spend time and effort and care to clear the myths about land shopping for people like us.
    And would like to hear more about this from experts.
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    Re : Land shopping - Property shows in Gulf countries

    Which Builder/promoter/company is promoting the properties in GULF . If possible kindly share mroe details regardign the same.

    Thank you in Advance.


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      Re : Land shopping - Property shows in Gulf countries

      Plenty from Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi. From TamilNadu, there were two that interested me including Illam foundations , Headway Properties. Others also might be promoting but this was the only property show I visited.


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        Re : Land shopping - Property shows in Gulf countries

        Land shopping

        Dear Shanthi,

        Have you happened to book any proeprty from the land shopping. I hope you are mentioning about recent Kuwait show. As all the NRI's spend most of the time in other country and dont have any help or guide who can help to find the good plot - will get trapped in this kind of shows.

        What do you feel about Headway - Infotech city extension - they were quoting Rs.575 per square feet - Is it worth enough???.
        I could not meet the people in Iniya Illam as the stall was empty when we visited.



        Have any questions or thoughts about this?