I am considering to buy a 2BHK in Doshi Etopia -Perungudi. They are stating Rs 4295/sqft currently.. the rates have gone up by Rs200/sqft in the last 4 months. Is it worth it? How is the construction quality and the area? I read in some thread that there is a dump yard around...Is that concerning even though its not close to the constuction. How is the water, electricity, drainage and other basic amenities. Note that this area is under Kanchipuram district now and they said it might come under Chennai soon. The main reason I am considering this project is because of its close proximity to Adyar/Thiruvanmiyur area.

Anyone who bought a flat in Perungudi..rent..or knows this area well, please advice. Thanks in advance.
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  • any inputs please?
  • Dear friend,
    Doshi Etopia has already been discussed in this forum.. please see older forum discussions.,My brother has purchased a flat in Doshi etopia Perungudi and I feel the Dump yard is not really an issue. He purchased it for Rs.3995/-, a year back. The construction quality is quite good..The dump yard is a good 1km away. I feel it will be better if you talk with the local residents to get an idea.
  • Hi all,

    Please note that there is already a thread running on Doshi Etopia here https://www.indianrealestateforum.com/forum/city-forums/chennai-real-estate/5893-doshi-etopia-by-doshi-builders-in-velachery-chennai?t=7155
    We prefer not to have parallel threads running on the same topic as this dilutes the information shared. Request you all to repost your comments on the above posted link.

    Thank you