Anyone think that the prices of flats will fall 40% from the mid 2007 prices ?
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  • Originally Posted by abk
    Ks i have constructed on my own atleast 5 houses for my family.
    and i have seen bulders construction too.i find that 95% of them use the same materials i will explain.
    the builders plan thru an architect and take the structural plan from a qualified engg.
    therefore no compromise on steel usage.
    they use the common cement available in the market,it will amaze you that all of the cement brand have a certificate of strenght and the same grade cements like ppc,43 grade,53 grade are equal. i have tested cements in kings lab,guindy.
    they generally use ready mix concrete therefore good quality.
    the thickness of the slab is 4.5-5" thick everywhere.
    the quality of sand,and bluemetal is same everywhere.
    the wood is a natural material some use you use padauk,teak or country wood
    (this would be specified in const agreement)
    the thickness of door frames is 4" x 2.5" standard everywhere.
    the electrical cables have to be checked
    and electrical and plumbing can be checked anytime.

    the point is the quality of construction is not compromised because everybuilder doesnt have a brand and they need repeat customers or recos

    if quality was very bad then many flats above 5 yrs old should have collapsed.

    leave some bad elements rest there is not much difference in quality among developers.
    rather the quality of contractors is more vulnerable to compromise.
    the builders anyway transfer the cost to us with huge profits,so it doesent make sense to reduce quality.and moreover many flats get sold after completion and no builder will take the risk of a bad quality tag.

    Very useful post abk, please continue sharing such experiences.