Hello People,
I am planning to buy an apartment in Primex Verterra in Gerugmpakkam. I really like the layout what they proposed. however I am really confused over VGN Krona which is quite nearby to Primex. Primex has Stilt plus 4 floors whereas Krona is G+2. When i checked with Primex, they showed all the CMDA approval, AAOI clearance certifiacte etc. However Krona has got only DTCP approved but not CMDA and its close to airpot expansion as well.

Could you please help me which is better. I am more inclined towards Verterra than to Krona now. Please help me out.

Also please help me with your reviews on Primex Verterra.
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  • Thanks Snt for the valuable information. Looking in Phase 2. Feel navin is over priced as usual than others. ETA is over and above the budget. Also would there be any chances of an individual houses in that area and what would be the quote, any idea...Seeing the flats prices do think why shouldnt go for individual houses..
  • Originally Posted by athi302

    I am planning to book an apartment in verterra. Need some more info on the project.

    They have promised us to hand over the apartment by March 2013, in worst case May 2013. So can u please share information here on IREF


    Hi Ashok, I saw your detailed reply covering many points about vertera. I want to check with you about the date of completion of project since they haven't completed the project as yet. How are you handling the situation now? Are there any specific reasons for not completing the construction on time? could you pls share your thoughts and facts?

    Is airport extension still a cause for concern or is it a closed chapter.

    I am planning to buy a house in Terra4 and would like your honest feedback about the project in general . Please share your views here on IREF. Many thanks.
  • For folks who have bought a flat, please join on google groups.

    Go to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!overview and type in VerterraOwnersGroup. Please share your mobile no while giving the request to join.
  • Hi,

    Booked a apt at Tera 4. by Sept 2012. any of you guys know when is the handing over date. I think we have waited a long time.

  • I regret to have booked an apartment in Primex Verterra :( and I regret even more for recommending this project earlier to all :o. This project was supposed to be handed over by December 2012 and is still dragging on. The customer group is yet to receive any credible information on the handover commitment as they keep promising a new date once every 3 months. The latest promise is to deliver it by September 10th, but one look at the lethargic project site will tell you a different story. The marketing people, who were sweetly all ears until we paid up to 90% percent of the total cost, are showing their true faces now with bad language, threats, locking up apartments and denying the owners to show their apartments to their relatives, never picking up the calls from known numbers, playing games in their smartphones without attending a customer entering the site office, not getting back as promised on any customer queries, etc. All the customers are silently suffering for the last 2 years with problems like EMI, rent, uncertain with children's education, unwarranted stress having to deal with the rude marketing team, etc. I wonder how many other skeletons (w.r.t. deviations, quality, maintenance, etc.) are going to fall from the cupboards post handover. If this is how they will do their first and benchmark project, imagine the plight the next project buyers have to suffer. Only in India are the customers have to interact with and suffer at the hands of immoral and cheap people after paying more than 50 Lakhs of money to buy a product.

    I guess that's why the reputed and trusted builders always manage to sell their projects like hotcakes even after pricing at a premium. The peace of mind you get from them is priceless. I feel I should have paid the premium and booked in Navins project in Gerugambakkam.

    My advise to potential customers is to not fall for the gated community crap and buy from reputed local builders who build less than 20 apartments so that you can have peace of mind with timely delivery and easy approach to those builders for any kind of issues. Be careful with your hard earned money.
  • Most of the projects in chennai are in delay

    Most of the builders are taking too much time to deliver the proects
  • Association contact number

    Hi all,

    I have booked a flat in primex verterra. I have a few doubts which the builder is not clear. Can anyone provide any tenant or association contact number to me or msg me in private?
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  • Primex Verterra was supposed to be their first project in residential sector (they have been doing commercial and other types of construction prior to that) and they still failed MISERABLY.

    Thanks for the update Venkadesh; and AK001;