Hello People,
I am planning to buy an apartment in Primex Verterra in Gerugmpakkam. I really like the layout what they proposed. however I am really confused over VGN Krona which is quite nearby to Primex. Primex has Stilt plus 4 floors whereas Krona is G+2. When i checked with Primex, they showed all the CMDA approval, AAOI clearance certifiacte etc. However Krona has got only DTCP approved but not CMDA and its close to airpot expansion as well.

Could you please help me which is better. I am more inclined towards Verterra than to Krona now. Please help me out.

Also please help me with your reviews on Primex Verterra.
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  • Good job John.. Nice upload..
  • Thanks Hemanth and Rajesh...:)

    Looks like good progress - D'Day is 2012 Dec.

    Others who have booked their flats here, join the group at

    Primex Verterra | Primex Verterra Chennai Porur - Owners Portal, Buy, Sell, Rent Property

    Originally Posted by rajeshr79
    Thanks for the photos John. I have being to the site 2-3 weeks back. Good progress it seems.
  • Price concern?

    Can anybody tell me the current price (best negotiated) in this project?
  • Primex verterra

    :bab (6):

    Dear all

    What is the current negotiated price for terra 8?

    what is the current negotiated price for terra 3?

    Whether this area was under airport expnasion consideration earlier.

    How come he got approval for 4 floors whereas norm is 2 floors due to airport issue.

    Would appreciate if some one responds.
  • Is the rate negotiable ?
  • Maintenance charge

    I wish I could buy one. What would be the maintenance charge for these types of luxury apartments? ballpark estimate?
  • the maintenance for this project is initially Rs2/sq feet....this could change when the association forms up....:bab (38):
  • Hi

    Any one can tell me the current negotiated price.
  • Its still 3750 for terra 7 and 8. Rest are for 4000.
  • How i can find company progress?


    I wanted to find this company past history to find company progress. I knew that for residential project this is new. But, they says that they have very good experience is existing business groups. Any idea where i can see that history report? registered anywhere like bse or nse?
  • Yes Mr. Hemanth is correct. Price quating for Terra 8 and 7 is Rs.3750 rest Rs.4000 ( I got Rs.50 as a discount.)
  • work in progress..

    hi...had gone to the site yesterday...attached are recent snaps -

    Terra 1 - Stilt, 1F, 2F completed - 3F and Brick Work in progress.

    Terra 8 - Stilt Completed - 1F in progress

    Terra 6 & 7 - Foundations completed
  • Originally Posted by preethanaidu
    Yes Mr. Hemanth is correct. Price quating for Terra 8 and 7 is Rs.3750 rest Rs.4000 ( I got Rs.50 as a discount.)

    Did you get Rs.50 discount off 3750 or off 4000? May I know which Terra you booked in?

  • Guys,

    I am planning to book this next week. Is the noise from flights landing and taking off not a concern to anybody? Or is the noise negligible when inside the house?
  • Hi Ashok,
    I dont think Airport noise will be an issue as this plot is little away from the actual airport.