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I am going to build a house at the place mentioned on a plot of 1250 sq ft.I am not from chennai so could someone please tell me if this is a good area and are there hospitals in close vicinity.I am an NRI and have entrusted my friend to do the needfull and want some peace of mind.Please help with your suggestions.Thanks one and all.
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  • Hi, I hope you are talking about sai ganesh nagar present in pallikaranai? If so, I am also building house there. Though I have been to the site only once, My dad is looking over proceedings. I heard that the place is good but since I have been only once, please dont use my response as totally valid. I trusted my dad. Hope you did your due diligence on your part.
  • sai ganesh nagar has of course got a very good layout but the problem with it is that it does not have much municipal facilities available. If you think only the plot value it is not a much problem. But if you think that you should have all the facilities available you need to wait and ensure that it has got all the facilities .