Wanted an opinion for the site Vasantham gardens -Sriperumbudur.

This development is located off Sriperumbudur Singaperumal koil road near Little flower school in Thathanur village (Somewhere near Marg site I thnk).These are resale plots promoted by Jemi.

In particular, wanted your take on

What is the scope of appreciation for the areas of Sriperumbudur Singaperumal koil road especially with the change in government?

I know this road was being widened.What is the status of road widening-Is it nearing anywhere near completion or we can expect it to go on for ever?Will the new road have any impact on the prices and development of the adjoining areas.

Is there any acquisition in that area that any one has heard of?

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  • Chances of more land acquistions