Hi experts,

Here I need some experts to throw light upon my issues which will be of help to others too

I have a land of 2400 sqft (which was developed by a plot promoter without CMDA Approval) which was basically a Agricultural land. The promotor is selling a huge area of (around 1000 plots) land to various buyers since few years. he has not completely sold them even now. He keeps selling slowly, but has given the proper roads (but no parks or other needed to have the CMDA approval i believe). Many people have already started to build houses there.

When I asked the promoter for Patta and Approval he said he can get both for a price. 6000 for Patta name change and aroun 1.5 Lakh (approx) for land approval as well as building plan approval and he will do all the works needed and he has been getting them done too.

Here my doubt is he says he will get a pre-dated DD from a bank (It seems they no more give approvals for such lands) and get the approval pre-dated (Not exactly do i understand the whole issue) as well as the building approval. How does he do it? Is it the general procedure. Do share ur experience. Thanks
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  • Hi,
    Behind every law there is a loophole ! Many RE cos do this to subvert the law and procedure ! They even change the name of the layout which was unsold earlier and get approval with backdate and all the people, the RE companies, Registrar office and agents are hand in glove to make extra moolah !
    In india everything can be done for a price ! There is another saying ' you tell me the person I will tell u the rule'
    For example, the govt says no approval for plots from 1.1.2010, now a seller will manage a approval with a backdate for the same plot, and you will buy a plot with a approval dt. pre 1.1.2010. After all the plot existed and was not created !! Simple !
  • wow India

    That was a great reply.

    I still have a doubt.

    Is it okay to do like that? Meaning will I have any problem later after construction of the building?

    How do they get a pre-dated DD from a bank? and when will they encash?

    Why they have stopped issuing approval for land from 01.01.2010 onwards, is it applicable to all areas or only to some particular places. Kindly throw some light. It is getting really interesting

  • Have they stopped issueing CMDA approval to all areas in chennai or only to particular places since 2009?

  • snt2011,
    You are asking too many trade secrets over the internet which is an open ground ! Where is the question of pre-dated DD ! Remember DDs are valid only for 6 months from the month of issue !!!!! As I wrote earlier... every law has a loophole !
    Yes CMDA/DTCP approvals before a certain period have a court stay over them ! You will build the house only after getting an approval for the building plan only if the plot is CMDA/DTCP approved. If there is any problem you will not get building approval at all ! If building approval is given and you proceed further you cannot be faulted later !