HI All,

I am new to this forum, I am searching for some land in south Chennai for residential purpose.
After a long search for 3 months(updated) i found a new layout in agaram then. The actual site is located in a road between agaram then to kandigai. (this is not a great road but only bike can go) The site is arround one KM from agaramthen (camp road).

They are coating arround 1050/ sq feet.

Please let me know some comments if i can go for this area. I can see houses near the site.
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  • 32 months to locate a lay out!!! that too in such a remote place
  • Land price in Agaramthen

    It is 3 months and not 32 months. Sorry for that. Do you know the land rate for this area.
  • Can some one tell me the land rate for this location.
    I had a chat with a broker in the same area and he told un approved plot 1cent=3.5 lac. So i think bargaining an approved patta 1200 sq feet land for 10 Lac is worth.

    Please share your comments.
  • I think this place is really worth to invest now. As I am living in Camp Road, this will have great future appreciation. If you are planning to buy this land for construction. I believe you better hold for 2-3 years before you start construct. I observed there alot of new flats are constructed but, very few shops. Anyway, I believe it is a good option.

    By the way, can you share the broker no ? Even, I am planning to buy a land here. Thank you.
  • Is this location nearer to Ottiyambakkam?

    I am also interested in buying a piece of land in this visinity, would appreciate any leads in this regard.
  • Actually i have not talked to any broker. This is the land owner and he told that he took panchayat approvaland not CMBT approval.
    I think this is fine.

    Dear Garuda, this place is not near Otiyampakam. This is somewere below Madampakam camproad.
    I prefer this place because i can reach either medavakam or Tambaram in 8 KM so that i can cover IT comp or train..
  • Originally Posted by vettriselvan
    Actually i have not talked to any broker. This is the land owner and he told that he took panchayat approvaland not CMBT approval.

    What is CMBT approval.

    CMBT stands for Coyambed bus terminus?
  • Its CMDAand not CMBT :)
  • Agaramthen is having Victory Farm Land promoted by Leo and running rate is 10 lacs per ground. There are no lands available for sale as such .Before that lands are available without approval n be cautious.
  • What is the current CMDA approved land rate in agaram now. I am planning to buy a piece of land in this area.
  • Originally Posted by Balade
    What are the rates and availabilty of plots in Victory Farm Lands, Agaramthen Village, Chennai and nearby areas.

    The last I heard about this layout was in April 2016. They were quoting 25L per ground. I also hear that only few CMDA approved plots are available for sale in these areas as many prefer settling here. The one CMDA approved land I saw was for 68L for ground.