I need some guidance from the experts on this project as i am looking to book a 3 BHK apartment. I feel location and cost wise, it is a good option. once the Pallikaranai road is made 6 lane, cost in this area should go up even more like Velachery. they have linked the payment schedule to the overall progress of the project. the phase 1 is supposed to be completed by March 2014. It is now CMDA approved project and they provide a DVD with all approval docs once you booked the flat. they are planning to start construnction next week. Could you highlight the issues i should be aware of before booking. if any one has already booked, could you let me know the issues.
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  • Positives
    Proximity to Velachery

    Carpet area is just 70% of the Super built area
    Mosquito problem in that area
    Approach road is not good
    Empty space is much less, so it will be too congested
  • Hi,
    I think 70% of super builtup is the norm with most builders providing lot of amenities. I checked with Appaswamy Mapleton and other big builders. It is the same(~70%). they claim the empty space is 77% for the whole project. distance between the blocks is 15m. i will be gng for a site visit tomm'. they said the approach road is 30 ft wide and it will made 40ft in the future. not sure about that.
  • I agree with Braveman.

    I did come across this project and they have offered 3199 per Sft as part of pre launch scheme to in March this year.

    However I am not very much impressed because of the following.

    1. This is the breakdown of the area I was offered. From the super built up area 27% will be common areas and 72% will be the built up area of our flat, from which we will have to reduce the wall areas to get carpet area. That will be easily 7-8%. So that would effectively imply to 65% only.

    2. Please look at the master plan layout carefully. They had offered the same in color, wherein I found lot of park areas shown in green. However, you will be surprised to find many of those green blocks are printed with "Future Development" in fine prints. Since these blocks were not part of phases II and III, which they have marked as such. I had confronted their Manager whose response was that those green areas are part of claimed 77% open areas and assured me that they will not construct any buildings on it. But I am yet to receive the same in writing despite my repeated requests.

    3. I am personally not happy with the bath room fittings because despite charging almost 75-77L, there is not even a single bath tub nor a showertray in the any of three bathrooms.
  • I too visited the site sometime ago...from the main road to the site is approx 0.7 kms and approach road is not good at all.. during this same time i visited indiabulls in medavakkam and found the location to be much better than Purva's.. there are also many issues with regards to car park at purva..for small apartments you get only open car park's, for bigger apartments you get covered car park and if someone wants extra parking by paying they are not ready to provide..
  • More than any thing check their performance at another project at chennai " Purvankara swan lake". It is going on for the past 4 years & will take another 3 years
  • Thanks guys for the valuable information. They say they are adding penalty clause if they delay beyond March 2014. I will get legal opnions on the contract agreement if i am going to book it. i checked the carpet area on various projects like IB greens, appaswamy, kgs etc., it is all the same. IB greens is even worse.I will check with them on the future development spaces.
    Garuda, did you have a look at their model flat?
  • No, I have not.
  • Their penalty cluse is peanuts
  • Why I chose Purva Windermere?

    I compared the 2 projects and have booked with Purva Windermere for the following reasons:

    Purva Windermere


      Approved plan
      Better appreciation potential by virtue of close proximity to the
      Velachery-Tambaram route
      Higher UDS %
      Great functional balconies
      Attractive price
      Pet friendly
      Power backup & Good quality fittings/fixtures and a shower cubicle in the master bedroom attached toilet

        No piped gas when smaller communities are offering
        No school in the premises

        IndiaBulls Greens


          Road access is wider and the ambience is comparitively better than Windermere
          Power backup and decent fittings/fixtures

            No approval yet for Phase 2 (higher floors) and 3
            The current price seems a little steep at Rs.3600 (without approval) for Phase 2 and Rs.3500 for Phase 3 (without approval, expected Dec 2011)
            No transfer of apartment possible in case of delays (only cancellation at 2% of total cost price)
            Low UDS %
            Multi-storeyed (personally, I do not prefer 19 storeys)
            I’ve been shown that the carpet area comes to 69% which is in line with most other projects nearby such as DLF, Hiranandani, Opaline, etc. which also I have visited.

            I recently booked a 3 BHK-L size apartment in Purva Windermere (Block B2 - 404) through Home Konnect as I did not get any price discount from Puravankara.

            Home Konnect gave me a bulk discount on the price and their service was professional. If interested, reach out to me for further queries.
    • DS Kumar6 days ago
      Hello Sir,
      I am planning to buy a flat in Purva(same project). How about the approach road now. How well did it withstand the 2015 flood. Is it worth buying? Can you help please.
  • Hi,

    Could you please confirm the price you paid for the flat as i am interested to book a apt in windermere. what is the discount you received from home konnect. I looked at their website but i cant get much details.

  • Sundar,
    I got a discount on the current price of 3399 psf. You may speak to them on the number listed on their website for more details. I just cross-checked their site and the contact number is the same. Hope this helps.
  • I don't like to comment on individual projects. However personally would not recommend congested places like Pallikarnai. The serpentine velachery - east tambaram road is a accident prone road. A lot of accidents both minor and major take place in this velchery-east tambaram road regularly. Even if the road is expanded it cannot become very broad and will remain accident prone.

    With this arterial main road itself a accident prone road, the interior roads in Pallikarnai are even worse, bad planning and very difficult for larger vehicles to drive. Now with the TN government deciding to revive the Pallikarnai Marsh and protect its eco system, there is another angle of attention which will impact unapproved construction more stringently at this place.

    Personally would recommend OMR, OMR is much developed broad road, and more projects are getting launched in OMR. When you can buy in OMR even closer to office why waste in Pallikarnai.
  • Last year I was interested in buying an apartment at perungudi, Pallikarani area, as I am working in OMR. After detailed search I was able to shortlist 1 or 2 appealing projects. But the approach was not good enough, literally I have to swim during the rainy season. And after hearing about the marshy wet land, water stagnation issue, mosquito problem I dropped the plan.
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  • what is the contact no and person

    what discount was recd?