Dear Forum Members,

I'm new to this forum. I stumbled upon it while looking for information on the proposed new Greenfield Airport at Chennai/Sriperumpudur. I was wondering whether any of you 'well-informed members' would be able to assist me with my queries.

I'm from Singapore and own some land at 'VGP Ramanujar Town II at Sriperumpudur at Taluk: Chengalpattu MGR District'. I tried to sell off my land some time in May this year (2007). However, just a couple of days before the deal was concluded and land registration was planned, there was a media release that the Govrenment was acquiring land in the vicinty and my land sale stopped completely.

Now after several months, I hear that the land acquisition has either been cancelled or is being acquired elsewhere for the new Greenfield Airport. Could any of you esteemed members please advise and help me to find out whether this is true or not? Local real estate brokers aren't helpful or forthcoming with honest answers. If you could possibly point me in the right direction, I've many Singaporean relatives and friends, sitting on land there, waiting and wanting to dispose of them urgently and quickly with as little hassle as

Thank you very much for your invaluable time and kind assistance!
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  • Green field Airport@ SPDR

    AAI has freezed their technical feasiblity study report regarding the New Green field Airport near SPDR. Anytime you can expect the annonucement.
  • Greenfield airport proposal - NOT given up yet

    Expansion and modernization of Chennai airport would be completed by next year and the government was also taking 'necessary action' to establish a greenfield airport, the state Assembly was informed today.The policy note of transport department, tabled in the assembly by minister K N Nehru, said the government acknowledged the fact that the southern metropolis was fast becoming an investment destination and, therefore, the present modernization effort."The modernization of the airport will be completed by 2011."Already 126 acres of land has been acquired by the government at a cost of Rs 127.06 crore and handed over to Airports Authority of India " it said. AAI was the implementing agency and it had taken up the work at an estimated cost of Rs 1,808 crore (Rs 18.08 billion), the policy note said. Further, the state government was also taking 'necessary action' to establish a greenfield airport at Sriperumbudur, an industrial hub near here.Importance was also placed on developing non-metro airports such as Madurai and Coimbatore and new facilities in the latter will be ready by June as the city prepares to host the International Classical Tamil Conference, it added.

    can such a statement be given credence,that too by the govt.

    waht are they contemplating yet.

    a project for which land had been acquired was shelved.this shows the weight of the factors which works against the proposal or plainly the need was not estb.

    take this announcement with a pinch(big) of salt.

  • Hello All,
    Happen to see your discussion. I heard this information (not sure whether this is more of hearsay or confirmed) that Saint-Gobin had opposed the setting up of new airport in Sriperumbadur, as the airport was slated to come up just oppsosite to their plant. The complaint was. due to the noise and vibration during landing and take-off, the glass that gets manufactured in their plant develops minute air cracks, which more or less stops their business. Hence Saint Gobin stopped the implementation of the airport. But there is no official information as of now as to whether the airport activity has been dropped, but seems like it is.