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Olympia Opaline by Olympia Group in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai

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Olympia Opaline by Olympia Group in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai

Last updated: June 16 2016
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    Re : Olympia Opaline by Olympia Group in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai

    Originally posted by anilpatelaspi View Post
    I bought an apartment in Olympia and I really wanted people to know about the company before blindly deciding to buy an apartment from these guys.

    I bought an apartment from these guys at Olympia opaline navalur, Chennai Site.

    These builders are only suitable for investors who may not be affected by the delay in construction. But for first time/dream home buyers, your life would be ruined because of these delays.
    Its like 1.5 years where the first set of residents in olympia opaline suffered the delay.

    Initially when canvassing the customers they were very polite and speak hi-fi english but after that they don't care about them. They dont even attend customer calls and many first time buyers life almost ruined waiting for the delay.

    The building looked good from outside due to the paint but when you take a minor thing from tiles to balconies and plumbing everything was done in a hurry and was not up to the mark.

    Most of the first time buyer customers almost cried to get their apartment and the Olympia manager did not pay attention to those words.

    So if you are a first time buyer and you have any other commitments and want to get your apartment on time, please stop buying from these guys.

    Go for a class B constructor and save your money and time.

    Only IT companies are fit to be clients for Olympia because they have stringent terms and condtions and olympia will have to payfine for them.

    There is a customer who was almost threatened as he was asking for penalty and said that he will file a case.

    So please avoid to buy a problem rather than an apartment.

    We have a blog/group where around 101 customer members who bought apartment in olympia interact very frequently. There are around 10 blocks and customers in each block were describing about their problem. Most of them are related to delays, poor construction and denial of services that were promised. I am pretty sure that people who book apartments in Olympia Grande should be aware of these facts before making a decision.

    But we made a bad decision so we are not sure what to do. Please find below the conversations I picked from the group.I am not demotivating you but just want to make sure that you don't suffer like us.

    Topic 1:
    Kameshraj Kanagaraj
    Yesterday I called Builder just to know expected completion date for sapphire-1(New) building. They said by end of 2013. Also He gave some big surprise about plan change. He mentioned small change on Plan. It seems they changed the sapphire-1 plan as mirror image of previous plan. And my unit will be in other corner of building. I selected my unit based on window direction & View and some other factors. Now I got a surprise after one year. No body communicated to me about this. They said someone will call me…it didn’t happen…Now I don’t know what to do… If anyone else booked sapphire-1. please call them and find out what is going on with your unit…
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    Jayaraman Palaniappan Yes, same thing happened to me. The reason they gave is that the CMDA approval they got is for this plan. I am not pleased.

    They are getting on my nerves and they think they can getaway with whatever they want. I will call them today to see if they can swap out the apartment based on the new layout if not i will ask them my money back. I have a feeling that this might get ugly. Will keep you guys posted on the outcome.
    Yesterday at 7:38am via · Like
    Rajendran K I feel sorry about that Kameshraj Kanagaraj. Olympia knows that a typical indian mentality is that once they give the money and book an apartment, we fall in to their prey. and from then our only aim is to get atleast our apartment on time and they are sure that no one will file a case against them. Its atleast better to prevent others from getting an apartment from these guys and suffer, unless those others are investors. But I recommend you to send a written letter asking for your query with an acknowledgement due, copying the managers. Atleast you will have a proof and see if they are responding at all.
    Yesterday at 8:44am · Like

    Amit Kaushik Just now spoke to olympia people and finally able to get one person after a week of trying, the person himself is complaining about his own people saying no one is picking the call and they will only come forward when they will sell the flat after that all will run away. I said why cant he retained the same flat which I book only change is the name as the size and other things all are same but they are not ready , other option is u can choose available flats in Sapphire-1 which is from 9th floor onwards and that will include all PFC charge. I asked about cancellation policy and he responded saying yes we can cancel but they will not give any interest in money and also will take a month to refund the money. Pretty frustrating to talk to these people.
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    Topic 2
    Saravana Suyambu Tharmalingam
    Hi all,
    I booked a flat yesterday in Opaline-Sapphire block.I would like to knowif there any issues currently in opaline? and they have told us that the flat will be completed by Dec 2012 if not so they would pay penalty.Is this true?
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    Kameshraj Kanagaraj Hi Saravana, I think you are talking about Sapphire-1, Magesh is talking about Saphire. when i booked sapphire-1 on March 2011, they said they will hand over sapphire-1 by Dec2012, they have n't even completed 1st floor. it is going to take another 2 years to complete sapphire-1. sapphire may be ready in next 6-8 months
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    Topic 3
    Dear all,

    We have ~20 positive responses so far and no negative response from any one.

    Request all to respond as soon as possible.

    The draft plan of activities are as follow.

    ∙ We will put posters and banners with our issues around the compound from this Sunday (26 feb ) onwards

    ∙ Saturday and Sunday whole day we will sit in front of the sales office – this is not a meeting so if Olympia team want to talk they have to come down and talk to us.

    ∙ We will not talk to CBRE or Julian as we have had enough with them

    ∙ We need all the solutions in writing with deadlines

    ∙ Saturday evening we will all meet and prepare the posters and banners

    ∙ We will start our protest at Sales office and if not yielded any result we will move to Techpark or pallavaram in our subsequent stages.

    ∙ We will take photographs and put it in yahoo groups and Facebook as a first stage.

    We will give a formal notice to Olympia on Sunday ie 26 Feb

    Request all to share your feedbacks and suggestions and active participation

    Please remember this is not for individual gain but for everyone, please come out and join us.

    for olympia Residents

    Ragotham Venkatnarayan Bhaskar, If anyone has contact in Hindu or any other local newspaper, we should get a small news item published detailing the delay in handover, quality issues etc. This will certainly wakeup the Olympia Mgt and they would not need any negetive publicity for their Pallavaram Project...... Worth trying if someone has any contacts with the newspapers.
    February 21 at 6:22am · Like
    Rajendran K ‎Ragotham Venkatnarayan Hi. Some newspapers might respond. But some dont. So its betterto go directly to hindu office or india times office. india times office is in I.T highway a few kms from our navalur site.
    February 21 at 8:09am · Like

    Ragotham Venkatnarayan Rajendran, I'm based at Hyd and if someone based in Chennai reaches out to Hindu that may be useful. I will also try to find out if any one in my circle have any contacts with Hindu........
    February 21 at 6:06pm · Like

    Topic 4:
    Baskar David
    Hi Team ,

    Please understand the real situation and try to make this as success full..we arranged 1 meeting 2 months before ..we personally arranges chairs everything ..but the attendance is very low ..we feel very bad about that this time understand the Situation and make this as possible ...

    This is the below email circulated to all the Residents ...please respond to it

    Dear fellow residents,
    There are number of issues we individually and as a group are facing since our occupation which is as old as 8 months. All our emails are getting
    unnoticed – never got any response from Olympia.
    The blame game is always there between CBRC, Olympia and now Velocity.
    We have tried for meeting Olympia team and never got any response – not a single line response.
    Therefore, we are left with no choice but to protest in front of sales office and I propose 25th and 26th February.
    We all paid our hard earned money and we definitely deserve better response from them. We paid Olympia and they promised everything therefore they
    have to answer our questions
    I would like to bring few of the issues down below for your information, please feel free to add if I missed something
    · Where is the occupancy certificate?
    · Where is the fire and other mandatory clearings?
    · Where is our club house and other amenities?
    · Where is our car parking?
    · Look at the condition of our ground and parking area - Many kids felled down due to the uneven floor – is it going to be same or
    · Why are you not attending our nag lists?
    · Why CBRC not responding to our requests?
    · Why Velocity behaving this way? Why cannot bring a second service provider for better competition? Where is the plan as per our
    requirements? Where is the SLA?
    · Where is the security systems you have promised to us?
    · Why are you not meeting or responding to our issues?
    · Why the construction work is done during the night ? where is the safety? How are you preventing the dust coming to home?
    · What is happening to the water ? where is your promise on ground and metro water?
    I hereby request you all to come out on 25th and 26th February to protest infront of sales office. We will come and meet you all individually during
    the weekend to take your inputs and opinion.
    Request you to respond to this email with your support by saying ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ and your willingness to come on Saturday and Sunday
    Based on your confirmation, we will inform the same to Olympia management.
    Lets all fight for our well being.

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    You like this.

    Praveen Kumar I will be there.
    February 16 at 6:50am via · Like

    Velprakash Kandaswami yes
    February 16 at 10:22pm via · Like


    Hi, the above is pretty old post of Jan 2012, what is the present status of the issue? Sorted out or still prevailing? Update will be useful.


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      Re : Olympia Opaline by Olympia Group in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai

      Hi All
      Request senor members to share me min guideline value to calculate for stamp duty in opaline ready move in flat.Thanks.


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        Re : Olympia Opaline by Olympia Group in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai



        When r u planning to buy?


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          Re : Olympia Opaline by Olympia Group in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai


          Originally posted by dhanam View Post
          Hi All
          Request senor members to share me min guideline value to calculate for stamp duty in opaline ready move in flat.Thanks.

          Did u check with the olympia people.


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            Re : Olympia Opaline by Olympia Group in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai

            Hi SHK
            No. I have not checked with Olympia people. I am exploring resale option as of now.
            Pl.advise current going rate in resale if you are aware anything.Thanks.


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              Re : Olympia Opaline by Olympia Group in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai



              r u looking for resale in opaline, i dont think u have much option in opaline


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                Re : Olympia Opaline by Olympia Group in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai


                I checked with few channel partners who deal with olympia . they said some ready to occupy flats are available at slashed rates.


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                  Re : Olympia Opaline by Olympia Group in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai

                  Hi Shk007
                  I also checked but they have only top floors available in ready to move in..nothing in midle floors.Can you advise what is their current slashed rate?
                  In ph2 they are offering 4300 BSP.


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                    Re : Olympia Opaline by Olympia Group in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai

                    Connect with propleaf, propfinder kind of agents, they might be having many leads on resale. Dont just reply on direct ad alone.


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                      Re : Olympia Opaline by Olympia Group in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai

                      thanks Franke.


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?