Can anyone guide me about current market value of 1200 sqft vacant land in sowrasthra nagar nungambakkam (situated between nungambakkam railways(station) track and choolaimedu high road
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  • Are you planning to sell or buy?
    I guess in developed areas like choolaimedu, you can set the price..
    However in RE, you cannot generally say a price for an area..

    Say a plot closer to railway track may cost lesser to a plot situated in the corner..
  • planning to buy
  • It will be about 1C per ground
  • I doubt so.

    I rather doubt our price, A place like choolaimedu has got good connectivity on all direction like Nelson Manickam Road, Poonamalee high road, 100 feet Road, Nungambakkam railway station

    When land price somewhere in Siruseri is being priced at Rs 60 lakhs, I think choolaimedu will definitely cost around 2 crores per ground.

    But the reality is that well developed area like choolaimedu has very less empty plots. So the price generally quoted by the Owner will be fixed. If the owner is in real urgent, then he may come down a little on the price money, If not its a Sellers say..
  • artheeindia -
    Since you are inquiring in this forum, I am sure you would have visited there and got the much is the quoted value from the owner ?
  • He quoted 98 for 1200 sft
  • Choolaimedu is narrow congested area where car driving is difficult. only 2 wheeler riding is preferrable. Drainage always choked.Highly polluted.

    Though in the city area, these are negatives.

    Not worth more than 1C