Dear Members

I am an NRI working in far East Africa. Six months back I purchased one ground
property(land) in Chennai (Enjambakam opposite to prarthana theatre, 400 mt
from ECR road) at 1100/sq.ft. I heard thro some of my friends real estate
prices decreasing alarmingly for the last 3 months, I am bit worried about
my investment. Is it true prices decreasing alarmingly irrespective of location?
Please share your views
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  • Yes, Iyer.. the prices starts going down.. I am not sure about that area. But many places the land value is going down.Don't panic on ur investment. It may go up who knows?

  • Need to sell land

    Is there any chance of the real estate prices going up again? I have 1 ground in Thiruvallur area. I have got a good offer from a buyer.

    I bought the land for 1 lakh and the buyer has offered 4 lakhs 20 K. Do you think I should go for this right now?

    Advise and opinions invited.
  • Yes its better u sell it now.
  • Focus on OMR

    i think the prices are not tumbling at a faster rate as every one could imagined. it is a temp. phenomenon... ur investment inthis area is expected to fetch a good return in a reaosnable time.. look at the rate at which govt spending on infrastructure in OMR road.. i believe a lot of focus is now on IT corridor by govt who is keen on paving 6 lane roads and lots more.. Want to sell to take a call!!