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One of my close relative had identified an apartment for buying in sembakkam samraj nagar and completed the registration few weeks back. It is exactly one km on the sembakkam-hastinapuram road from the tambaram-velachery main road. Few of my friends had told that this area can come under ASI restricted areas. Can someone please show some light whether this area do come under ASI restricted areas. If so, whether we will face any issues in future on holding this property??

Any info on this is much appreciated.
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  • 1.) check you survey no on the below link CMDA Land Use Maps this give land use type..

    2.) if go to CMDA egmore from 10:30 to 1:00 (I think) , there is a public inquiry section you get the details ...
  • How to identify the property is ASI restricted or not ?. Any past experiences , guidelines please !! . i think cmda egmore office alone is not sufficient .. Please advise !
  • Originally Posted by yashhunt
    How to identify the property is ASI restricted or not ?. Any past experiences , guidelines please !! . i think cmda egmore office alone is not sufficient .. Please advise !

    Got the below detail from one of the forum thread. Hope it helps


    For anyone who is not sure if his/her area is listed as prohibited by ASI, please first check if your area is listed in the following site:

    List of Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains of Chennai and Thrissur Circle - Archaeological Survey of India

    If you see them listed, get the survey number of your area and go to CMDA Office, Egmore (just walkable distance from Egmore Station). You need to get a token (free only) in the ground floor and go to I floor (I guess it is CMDA West Side), ask for Enquiry Section once you get in, tell them that you want to know if your survey number is listed as restricted by ASI, they would look into the system and tell you if it is restricted site or not and they would show you as well.

  • Found this wikimap link while googling:

    Dhenupureeswarar Temple, Madambakkam Wiki-Map Link

    This temple is found in the ASI list. (link in above thread)
  • I recently found out that every bit of land inside the ASI regulated area (i.e., within 300 metres from the marked area) had been converted into Grama natham (areas meant for residential purpose only).

    The entire Subramaniabarathi puram layout in Ponmar, Chennai had been marked as Grama natham lands.
    Areas near Perumbakkam hills too affected by this. I heard that this is the case across Tamilnadu in all the ASI regulated areas.

    Every one who applied PATTA transfer after 2012 are getting the new PATTA classified as GRAMA NATHAM. I am posting this in the forum since this is a very important news and missing from Indian Real Estate Board topics. Every one must be aware of this news before planning to buy plots in ASI regulated area. I found out this in the last minute before registering one such plot. Even the local VAO office never lets out this info voluntarily.

    Does this mean that govt can take over the land whenever they want by giving compensation only for the land(not for the house built on that land).
  • Is there any additional information on this. I am planning to buy an apartment which I think might belong to ASI, but not very sure just a doubt. Its near to perumbakkam hill. Any information.
  • For apartment means just check with the builder get the NOC from ASI..Thats fine.If you are not looking fast appreciation..You can buy..
  • You will face problem at the time of selling it. The rate will be decrease
  • it seems many started to build their residence in polacherry ,subramaniya bharathi[puram layout.so slowly aprreciation happing. is it the sq,ft value is inbetween rs 1400 to rs 2100? behind this layout ,new layout cost around rs 2600 per sq,ft