I am planning to build a 3bhk/2BHK duplex house in half ground area at selaiyur .Need to know the total approx budget that will be needed as per todays constructions costs.My mind is blank now and every advise is invited.Iam from a middle class family and it would be better if someone can specify the min amount and max amount
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  • Thanks chrisvin.
    how many sqft would be required for building a 2BHK/3BHK duplex house.My requirement would be a spacious hall,kitchen,3BR/2BR(attached bathroom),pooja room and 1 dining room .
  • Thanks once again chrisvin.
    So could you please tell me the approx total budget for my construction request?
    how long it will take for completing the construction?
  • build first floor

    Hi guys,

    I would like to know the construction cost of building first floor. we already have 950 sq feet ground floor. It was build on half pillar method. The engineer who build it ensured that it would withstand 2 floor above. The plot size is 2100 sq feet. The house is build as per cmda rules like 20 feet front space, 10 feet back free space and side has 5 feet free spaces.

    I would like to build at least 1000 sq feet on the first floor with 3 bedrooms. how much it would take if we extend the roofing on back and front and how much will it take without extending?
  • Hi chrisvin
    Is it enough build the house with car parking with in 1300 sq.ft? If so, how many rooms we can build in the ground floor including spacious kitchen?

    What is the ideal sq.ft is required to build the house with car parking?