Anybody have idea about NRI Center City in Sriperumpudur.

The rate quoted by city square is 610/- . is the rate worth?

Please give your opinion
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  • Current price

    What is the current price in this layout can anyone tell me. Has it got appreciated.

    Does it has any potential to grow.
  • What is the current price in the NRI city and Mahidara ?
  • Around Rs 1000 to 1200
  • These projects are never 'bought' but only 'sold'.

    NRI Center City - as the name shows, it made apparent who their sucker audience are and many fell for it in 2007. They floated many more in the later years - First City, New City, Spanish City - all will not see any meaningful in-habitation for a decade - but they were all priced as though you can move in today.

    Mahidara followed a different approach - sell Villas and also Plots. Both are sucker bets. Showing Villas, it is easy to find a buyer for plots - plot buyer thinks Villa buyers are dumb and plot is a smart investment. But, when both sucks as investment, does it really matter which sucks more? :)

    Problem with these projects is not about Sriperumbudur will have growth or not - Sriperumbudur will grow but it is a decade and more long story and will take time.

    But, these projects wants you to pay 2023-25 prices today and that's where they suck as an investment.