Hello All!! I wanted to ask the opinions of the veterans regarding plot in outskirts vs apartment near tambaram.

I am basically confused as to whether to buy an apartment or plot. The purpose is for both investment and end use. In the sense, I am not buying it for immediate use. Even if I buy an apartment, I plan on renting it out.

The apartment I checked out was Isha Aabhirupam near tambaram and

Plot is in Sare Meadowville near SP Koil.

My personal preference is to buy a plot. But, I am not sure whether the area will develop and also found a lot of complaints on Sare Homes in other consumer forums. Isha seems to be good, but the ambient light inside the flat is not very good. The flat is around 38 lakhs all inclusive and the plot is around 1400psqft. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance!!
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  • My personal experience suggest that appreciation of plot is much much higher than that of a flat, even though the risk involved is more. I had invested in a plot in Sithalapakkam and a flat in Perungalathur almost at the same time. I disposed the plot last year at 100 times my purchase price ( Over a period of 16 years) and sold the plot last week for 7 times the purchase price.(In the same time span of 16 years). Even though this is not a direct comparison since Sithalapakkam has undergone lot of changes during this period whereas Perungalathur has seen only a broadgauge conversion and an IT park. I am re investing the amount from the flat sale in a plot for obvious reasons