Hi, I am looking for other owners who have booked flat in Tulive Dakshin in Iyyappanthangal. Looking to connect.
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  • @dyankayn We have booked a flat in Tulive Dakshin...what's your flat number
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  • Originally Posted by Jaya_kumar
    @dyankayn We have booked a flat in Tulive Dakshin...what's your flat number

    pls check mail sir
  • Hi ..am Planning to BOOK a flat in Dakshin., Can anybody kindly share/help with for your views please. If u sent me ur contact as Personnel message .. will connect with you for more details.
  • Heard water is poor in the locality. But providing R.O. for entire flats require more maintenance costs.
  • Can someone suggest what would be the ideal price for Dakshin? After including all add-ons, this comes to nearly 6K/sqft (though quoted price is 5K/ sqft)?

    Also, I came to know there is an SC order which says car park should not be sold. But everyone is blatantly charging for that. How could we handle it?
    • graguonline10 months ago
      Hi, I am planning to book a flat in dakshin, can you pls mail me your experience.
  • Sir I have booked a flat in Tuliv Dakshin

    do you already have a group?
  • Hi There,

    I have booked the flat in Dakhsin Tulive a month ago.

    Please share your email ID to get connect for further discussion.


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  • I have also booked a flat in tulive dakshin. If any group is formed kindly let me know as well
  • I also booked in dakshin.

  • Can any of you update on the all incl sqft price u booked recently ?