I am interested in malles akankssha villa projects. I would like to know if anyone has booked villa there in this forum. Is it worth investing in Perumbakkam considering the fact that there has been a steep drop in price and more number of residential plots and unsold apartments.

More importantly, will there be water stagnation during rainy times?
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  • Malles Akanksha villas are located at the rear end of the Malles aashira property, and pretty close to the high tension wire that goes through the landmarvel solaray property.
    secondly, just behind it is the global hospital and Embassy building, which bore the brunt during the recent floods. so yes, water stagnation is an issue and atleast in high rise flat it wont enter the homes, but if its a villa water is more likely to enter the home and cause more trouble.

    Any other villa projects that you considered?
  • Thanks for your reply. I have seen Casa Grande Elan and Pacifica Aurum. Very less options with Elan as most of them are already booked but I found it quite scary to travel in those streets that lead to Elan at night times. I am not sure when it would develop so hesitating bit. Pacific Aurum looks to be good aside from the fact it's little far but the real concern about that project is builders reputation as they have not any projects before this one in Chennai and the reviews about them are not good either
  • Yes, agree on Elan that its not a livable place now, may develop in few years though..
    Pacifica Aurum is almost ready to move? or under construction?
  • Yes. When I visited some of the villas were 90% done and the guy whom I spoke with said that handing over will start soon. It is really a big project so I don't that happening that soon.
  • I am thinking of buying a 2BHK apartment in Malles Akanksa project. Anyone here book an apartment there? I checked Malles Aashira last year but they did not have my budget which is only 2bhk. Now that Aashira project 1st and 2nd phase is finished and handing over it seem. This makes things very confusing. Should I buy in a project that is just launched or in a project that is already completed but at a higher price? KG is another option but they are still building and not sure if that will finish anytime soon. All other projects are inside and was hit by floods badly. So someone who has gone through this dilemma please advice.

    Also, did anyone do good research on Akanksha and Aashira?
    • prabhu.mca20083 months ago

      Have you booked the flat in Malles Aakankssha.. I am planning to buy 2BHK or 3BHK. What would be the price now?
      Please help..