Anyone here willing to opine about Akshaya Adora on OMR? Seems pretty pricey and very few remain open. But the size of these apts seems to be big. It is very tempting and your opinions on this would be greatly appreciated. FWIW, they are quoting 4100 per sq. ft.

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  • Akshaya Adora

    Hai, I had seen this adora on OMR last week. apartments are tempting. But the price of 4100 is unimaginable. May be Rs. 3200 to 3500 will be good price.
  • Whats the going rate at Akshaya Adora? Any buyers?
  • New flats are selling at 4000 all Inclusive in Padur. Since Adore is 6 years old, if it is 3400 including registration, you can find immediate buyers. Also heard that Adora is dependent on lorry water.