I am planning to buy 1800 sq.ft unapproved land in Gandhi nagar Housing society Navallur Phase 1 Survey Number 339. Price Quoted was 45 lakhs (2500 per sq.ft). Its on 40 feet road within a distance from OMR. Please advise

1. Any issues in this phase 1 and survey number 339?

2. will I get CMDA approval individually ?

3. Is this price worth buying?

I read many thread relating to this society but i dont see any threads Recently after 2017 judgement on unapproved lands. Ur reply will be helpfull for all.


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  • Hi Sundar,

    Gandhi Nagar Housing society is approved one but heard lot of litigations over there So only that layout is not developed well.

    Check with lawyers legal and verify with VAO patta,Chitta and adangal from current owner name.

    Once all these done, share your output to this forum, I'm also eager to see some positive notes from this layout.


  • Hi , I checked this layout a week back, looks like no development planned inthe near future and the price point looks a bit aggressive. Infact the entire OMR is like that expecting it to become like US like environment in the next 10 years, but the realiaty sucks. If we buy now it would be a peak price, in 2005 the price was around 400 per sqft in this area i believe ( saw some other threads).

  • Hi,

    I have been seeing this layout for atleast 4 years now, its just behind Gem In,

    there isnt any development here in this part, primary reason told was litigations, please double check the documents, consult a lawyer, he would check the documents and give you a opinion on it.

    If going for loan, check with SBI, even if you are not taking the loan, just go with the process of documents verification with them, as they claim to be solid in document verifications.

    Advice/Request is, stay away from layouts(not just the plot), which has litigations,

    For investments purposes, There are few layouts in Thalambur(not the layout by arihant/unitech/chaitanya, but after that area).

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