Is the system still working through bribe for getting sub-division patta, with all these social networks exposing things like this?

Yesterday I had given the request for Patta but the office assistant had not given the acknowledgement and asked to meet the surveyor next week. The surveyor seems to be available only on Mondays but see him missed yesterday though. If getting the acknowledgement is a problem, should I try again sending through registered post ?

How long or visits will it take to get the patta straight ? Is this a realistic approach, if not, would like to take the expert suggestions to take through the escalation route? Please suggest.

Posting this to check with the experts here, as people around me looks at me as ridiculous.

Thanks in advance,

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  • Silence speaks volumes but which might not be a good music in this case :(

    Not sure when this will be eradicated...at least let me fight back and see what happens.