Hi All,

I recently registrered a resale apartment in Chennai on the 4th of April. I am yet to receive the Sale deed back from the SRO for it to get sealed and processed.

Meanwhile couple of days back I went to TNReginet and checked the online EC if the name has been transferred to my name. The following are the observations

1. Buyer, Seller name are correct

2. Boundary details are correct

3. However survey numbers are partially wrong. My apartment has 15 survey numbers and some of the survey numbers are in parts - E.g 79/1PART . However, in my EC, all the survey numbers are mentioned without 'PART's wholly.

4. There is also nothing specified in the Remarks section as well. For all other owners in the apartment, I could see remarked updated with UDS.

5. The nature of the document in the EC is specified as 'Sale deed'. Not sure what are the various natures and what those mean.

I am pretty sure that I verified all survey numbers (including the PART information) while signing the document.

Is this mismatch because the Sale deed is yet to be verified and processed by the SRO?

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  • Yes,Quickly go and correct before receiving the sale deed. Otherwise again you need to pay registration charges. So quickly go with your lawyer and close it quickly.
    • kaushiks871 years ago
      If the sale deed has the right survey numbers, why should I pay registration charges again? Without my original sale deed, how do I make a case and go to the SRO?
  • I have bought a flat in chennai Dec ' 2018. The boundaries in sale deed is correct ( north 28 , south 30 ). But in online .E.C boundaries are wrongly entered as north 27 , south 29.

    What should i have to do with this issue?

    Advice me.