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Reg Car Parking in flat


Reg Car Parking in flat

Last updated: October 7 2018
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  • Reg Car Parking in flat

    Respected members,

    I have purchased a old flat in Chennai which is 9 years old . The flats consist of 5 approved flat and one unapproved flat in the second floor which is held by the builder and has given for rent. there are 5 parking lots in the flat marked A,B,C,D,E. Unapproved flat does not have exclusive parking space. i got to know that the 4 approved flat owners have got parking exclusively marked in their document paper which they did after some issue. my flat old owner did not get this done. I have specified in my document at the time of buying that car parking is provided for the flat, also i have taken picture of my parking space.

    Please let me know will there be any problem in future. Also, is there anything to be done from my side for the car park for my flat?

    Note: My flat is an approved flat out of the five.
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    Re : Reg Car Parking in flat

    What is the name of the Project & the Builder? A thread may already exist on the Project.
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      No, There is no seperate thread on this issue, since i have bought second hand flat, i am in need of a advice.
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