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Nova Pavilio in Ayanambakkam, Chennai


Nova Pavilio in Ayanambakkam, Chennai

Last updated: November 13 2018
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  • Nova Pavilio in Ayanambakkam, Chennai

    Hi all,

    I came across this project layout Nova Pavilio in Ayanambakkam, Chennai, and heard that a few plots were left. Please provide any inputs on the area, company and any other inputs.

    How is this area? Is it low level area for water logging?
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    Re : Nova Pavilio in Ayanambakkam, Chennai


    I think there is another thread where I have mentioned similar reply,

    I have been to these areas from 2014 end, Ayanambakkam, Athipet, Adayalambattu are potential development areas,

    These areas start from just 1 km from Mogappair West Dominos, thats what I measured atleast.

    Coming to Nova Pavilio,

    1) its Ayapakkam or Koladi, not Ayanambakkam.

    2) For this price quoted, you can easily buy plots in the layouts like Chennai new city and Metro city which are very near the habitation and are developping.

    3) If you see wikimapia with history, you would see that this area was a water body or a low area where water used to log easily, also, just outside this layout, you would find 2 deep pond/small lake.

    4) Piece of advice from what I have learnt, try to avoid buying new layouts, as the cost of purchase, layout formation, layout approval, FSI etc would cost very high. Hence old layouts which are not fancy are better to invest which are costing very less. I would say that the cost appreciation at this point of time is not going to be dramatic.

    All the best.


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