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Anyone with land purchased from TLV estate


Anyone with land purchased from TLV estate

Last updated: November 15 2018
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  • Anyone with land purchased from TLV estate


    My father had purchased a plot of land from TLV estate brokers several years back. We are now wanting to sell the same and would want to understand if anyone here has held the same land and their experiences in selling it.

    The land is in Perambur barracks road - Bhuwaneshwari theatre.

    We are in an urgent need of finance due to a medical emergency and would be very happy if any one could help us with some information on the company etc since we are not able to find any details of the company.

    Company name is TLV estate brokers
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    Re : Anyone with land purchased from TLV estate

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      Re : Anyone with land purchased from TLV estate

      Is anyone able to help me with this specific issue. Would be grateful to find some info


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