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Isha Anandham in Perungalathur, Chennai


Isha Anandham in Perungalathur, Chennai

Last updated: September 11 2019
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  • Isha Anandham in Perungalathur, Chennai

    It is a good option to invest in Isha Anandham in Perungalathur, Chennai. It is Nedunkundram near TVS Emerald Green Acres. It is in pre-launch stage. Any views please?
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    Re : Isha Anandham in Perungalathur, Chennai


    I am planning to buy a flat at Isha Anandham, I would like to know few information from persion residing in Nedugundarm, Sadanathpuram and New Perungalthur.

    1. Is there is Noise Pollution due to Tambaram AIR Force Station. I read news Tambaram Air Force going to start small terminal at Tambaram Air Force Station. Will this cause problem. How abt the existing noise pollution.

    2. Person who are residing in TVS Emerald and SSM Nagar, can give me accurate info.

    3. Anyother issue buying a Flat or Plot in this locatation.

    4. Do we have appreciation value in this locality considering eastern by pass, cant trust government on this long delayed project, stop and start because of which many people invested in this location 10 years before without any yield in appreciation. Started in 2004 till date pending Project Eastern By pass.

    5. Finger Crossed on this Project for existing buyers only scope of appreciation. dont see any other appreciation apart from Shriram IT Sez, which is 3km Away.

    6. Urapakkam Bus Stand is long distance, 8 km away, so this cannot be considered as appreciation, instead we can buy in Urapakkam, which will give good appreciation.

    7. Any Pros and Cons apart from the above,

    My Question is : How is Noise Pollution in this location. Rest of the information are my analysis about this project,


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