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Subdivision of residential land in Chennai


Subdivision of residential land in Chennai

Last updated: May 17 2019
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  • Subdivision of residential land in Chennai

    Can somebody explain the process of Sub-division of a residential land in Chennai - basically how the equal portions are created by sub-division? What logic is applied if it pertains to Hindu Law.

    Who gets front side and who gets back side plots. Does age of siblings and their gender play any part? e.g. Elder Brother vs Younger Brother vs Younger Sister? And Alive person Vs Expired? Does CMDA / DTCP partition land?

    e.g. 88 x 102 sq ft plot

    Front road side: 88 ft

    Sides 102 ft adjacent to existing plots

    Needs Subdivided into 6 shares.

    Option 1 29.3 X 51 sq. ft. plot sizes

    Option 2 34 X 44 sq. ft. plot sizes

    Option 3 14.66 X 102 sq. ft plot size will all getting equal frontage from road

    For building a residential house in Chennai, given FSI rules of leaving 5 ft setback across all sides of property, does Option 1 allow for a decent house to be built? 2BHK? or is it better to go for plot sale as other heirs wish to sell their shares.

    Partition Deed Vs Settlement Deed any pros and cons?
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    Re : Subdivision of residential land in Chennai

    You have frontage of 88Feet. Now in center of the plot leave 16ft passage way and now you have both side 36 Ft.Now do partion and you will get the 6 Pieces with the size of 34*36.

    And You have mentioned as per FSI both side we have to leave space as 5Ft. No one following as per CMDA approval.all are violating only and no issues for that. 2Ft space enough all sides and you can get the 30*32 size of house.
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    • sukasis2013
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      Thank You. For the passage in the middle of the plot, why is 16ft chosen?

    • YugarajM
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      Yes thats oly good option..your layout like gated community and also everyone have good frontage & Size.
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