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Agricultural land in Madurantakam, Chennai?


Agricultural land in Madurantakam, Chennai?

Last updated: July 15 2019
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  • Agricultural land in Madurantakam, Chennai?

    Whats the rate of Agricultural land in Madurantakam Taluka, Chennai?

    Details below:

    Madurantakam Taluka

    Kanchipuram District

    Perumppakkam Village.

    Currently looking at a plot for investment purpose and Weekend Getaway from Chennai.

    We are not sure if this is good area to invest i.e. Madurantakam as already we are late in RE investing OR if we should be looking closer to Chennai. Budget 5 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs. < 100 Rs/Sq ft.

    One quote was Rs 85/sq ft in this area and land had few trees 3 yrs old. Coconut/Mango. Soil looked sandy. Near an Eeri / lake all. It was 8 km distance from GST road. Road was tar road about 15 ft wide to this batch of plots. Adjacent were fields belonging to other owners. Barren or having trees used for construction/posts.

    Any info that you can provide will help us first time RE buyer.

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