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Chennai : Construction of additional floor in Commercial plot


Chennai : Construction of additional floor in Commercial plot

Last updated: July 30 2019
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  • Chennai : Construction of additional floor in Commercial plot


    I have a commercial plot in chennai. I have constructed Ground floor and first floor with Plannining permision in the year 1996.The front side is 60ft road. The set back in front side is 15 ft, one side is 12 ft other side is 5 ft and at back is 10 feet. in the ground floor. There is a projection for passage of 5 ft at one side and at the rear side . I have EB connection and waterline connection. Acheived FSI is 1.01.

    Now I wanted to go aheaad with one more floor. If i do this construction , the FSI may reach 1.65.The plot is 5280 sq ft. Ground and first floor construction is about 5300 sqft. Addional floor construction would be 2800 sqft. and falls below the admissible FSI of 2.

    When I approch CMDA ,they say I canot construct one more floor as the set back given by ypu don ot match the current CMDA criteria and also there is no car parking area and hence you cannot construct. He says dismantle the whole building and get a fresh approval as per the norms of CMDA which involves huge money and I canot afford.

    I donot know what to do.

    Since I am the owner and not going to sell, if I go ahead of construction without the approval of CMDA, what action CMDA will take and how can I overcome this issue

    Suppose if I construct what action CMDA can do
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