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Approval for land


Approval for land

Last updated: September 5 2019
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  • Approval for land

    There is our grandfathers property which is not divided (8 shares) yet in Kodungaiyur. It is about one acre and 15 cents. Should we get CMDA planning or any approvals if any before dividing it now. Please thro some light. Approximately how much will it cost for 1 acres and 15 cents in kodungaiyur.
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    Re : Approval for land


    I will share my knowledge in this might be not a complete one you are expecting, approach CMDA and ask whether the following approach is ok. This was done earlier, but now I am not very sure.

    1) you should first survey your land and create a sketch of your property, you could use private surveyors for this.

    2) Create a plot layout by subdivided the land into needed parts.

    3) I think for this size, CMDA will ask for OSR, or you may have to pay a penalty.

    4) once you are done with it, you can swtich 4 and 5, you can register your lands individually as settlement deed.

    5) approach CMDA with registration copy and planned sketch, ask for approval.

    Cost, how much I cant judge now, but you should take into consideration CMDA approval + OSR violation + professional charges + Private surveyor + Govt Surveyor.

    All the best.


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