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How to correct Patta not in seller name


How to correct Patta not in seller name

Last updated: January 22 2020
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  • How to correct Patta not in seller name


    My relative bought a plot in 1966 from Seller1, and the plot was part of a large layout promoted by Seller1. There are more than 100 plots in the layout.

    Over the years all the owners have obtained Patta including neighbours who are next to our plot. Only a few plot owners are yet to get Patta.

    When my relative applied for Patta (Subdivision patta), we found that the Survey number to which our land belonged had a Group patta which had the seller's brothers name but not the seller's name. Now this Group patta had been issued some time in 1980s much later than the layout was promoted and sold out.

    Now, all the neighbouring plot owners have got patta from this Survey number, last patta which was allotted to one of our neighbours was in 2014.

    But now we are being denied patta since continuity is not established because of this error. In the layout with close to 100 plots only 8 or 10 plots are yet to get patta.

    Please advise how we can solve this issue.

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