Hello, I don't hear mush news about the Greenfield Airport. I remeber reading somewhere AAI saying they don't have any involvement with it. Does anyone know if this Airport will happen?

If this is going to be true, isn't it the prices in those area should be soaring? I don't see any such thing happen and combined with no news updates, I am getting to thing this is long way to go and lots of uncertainities surrounding it.

Anyone has updates on this topic please. Appreciate your time.
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  • Me too heard some info/rumours that the project is in cold storage
  • the greenfield airport at sriperumbudur

    as to the knowledge of mine and my conversation with that of AAI - Director,the proposed Airport at Sriprumbudur is still on and on site still the activities of acquisition is ongoing.the process is slow because the existing airport will be expanded to dual runway.

    as per the conversation ,the existing airport caters to on 10000 passengers but the requirement is 30000 by 2015.so the new airport will come into existance.

    out of the 5 locations AAI has streamlined 2 location namely Sriperumbudur on top priority and Redhills on the 2nd.the changes for Redhills is less as the R&R is nealy to about 10000 houses and the process is tedious and too long.so they thought that Sriperumbudur is a better option.
  • Thanks for your post mvtsk. I did read the growing traffic needs a second Airport since these facilities should cater to needs beyond 2020. And Sriperambathur is more preferred at this point. With the on-going extension to Anna/Domestic terminals which would then covers the needs for the near foreseable future, probably this will take another couple of years+ before the pressure for additional Airport become more pressing.

    Good to know Sriperambathur still on the frontline.

    Johnson, thanks for your response..