Marg Swarnabhoomi is giving affordable houses at 10 lakhs. can anyone help me in giving more info on same as at this price I will not get house in Chennai atleast.

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  • Hi,

    I would like to know more details abt this 10 lacs project.
  • These guys had called me lately and claimed that this proposed project is planned to be a self-contained township with an airport, a golf course, IT SEZ's, malls, banks, and even a Cheyyur harbor all coming up nearly simultaneously with the project completion date. Now I don't believe everything she said there but the project cannot be ruled out completely either. She also affirmed that the ECR will be expanded as a 4-lane highway by the end of this year which again sounds a little overfetched! I also think her claim of an airport coming up in Cheyyur is false, what do you think? I'm now really considering this option, but am afraid to commit on it! Needs a lot more research before anything materializes.


  • ecr will develop or will not deveop,4lane will come or will never come,but investing in low budget flats/plots is good for the future.
  • 6 months back i too visited MARG swarnabhoomi plots which is near by MARG swarnabhoomi..70 kms from Shols..slept well in the car..
    At that time they told that 4 lane will come and land will get appreciate more...after that i planned to invest that money in GST/Oragadam..ECR is not developing fastly as compare to GST/OMR/Oragadam...
    if you invest there,u have to wait more than 10 years to get more appreciation....this is my personal opinion..
  • Spammers from Marg Swarnabhoomi is trying to create a buzz in this forum through multiple threads. Swarnabhoomi for whatever it offers is not all that bad, but I don't see any one travelling to and fro from Chennai everyday. This place is more than 90 kms away from Chennai and is after Kalpakkam. In my opinion, they should have tried to bring some niche companies and premier institutions to their campus to attract residential crowd. This place only suits a middle class NRI with shallow pockets to buy a home in a gated township for his family with a school within for his kids.
  • if you are planning to make ur home in swarnabhoomi then you can buy there.
    me living in chennai will never want to settle in cheyur unless i have a job there.
    then why should i buy even for 10 lacs. if u will say for investment then who is going to buy ur apartment later on????and how much can u sell for.. i would rather invest in land for appreciation.
    if you will say for rental income then is there really high demand for rent in that area???who will take ur apartment for rent and how much rent are u going to get
    please get answers for all these questions before you buy in swarnabhoomi.
  • Believe it or not.. They have the worst customer support.

    Read this before considering.....


    If you try to cancel the apt after booking. you are treated like dead person in there.