I had recently visited Marg's site in Seekinankuppam which is nearly 70 kms from their office at OMR. The place looks good; clean air; open and unpolluted environment; close to the sea face however, the distance from the city is the main concern here. The Marg reps claim the need for going out as minimal after the whole township which will contain everyting from grocery stores to hospitals; is built. The price(10 lacs for a 1bhk) looks mouth-watering but at the same time I'm also doubtful about the appreciation of the land value solely attributing to it's distance from the city. They also said that the MRTS is eventually gonna expand to that neighborhood which clearly is a marketing gimmick.
What would you guys suggest me to do? Go for it or pass?


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  • Hello Prasanna,

    Did you buy?
  • what is the current price in marg ?
  • Hi Everyone,

    I was looking for a apartment in the range of 10 - 12 lacs as just a investment which could help in reducing the tax burden and in turn the money could go to some good investment.
    I seached apartments in Urapakkam,Guduvanchery and all i got was very small apartments in the price range and no big amenities.
    In Guduvanchery a flat was 17lacs in the IIIrd floor ( 650sqft )
    I regularly happened to see the marg advt on the back of city buses, but wasn't really interested as it was too long a distance.
    2 weeks back, i thought to just give a look at this place ( since i was free and wanted to go out on a long drive ), so checked with the MARG sales guy and he promptly arranged a cab and picked me and my family from Tidel park at around 12 noon.
    He was very professional and explained the questions patiently in the car.
    We reached the MARG site at 2:00pm and lunch was arranged by them.
    After lunch, he took us to the model apartment of Navratna which has been completed and the posession handed over to the buyers.
    The apartments were all full.
    My first impression inside MARG was WOW!, this is the kind of place i would like to spend the rest of my life, because of the clean and green env and neat roads.
    After visiting the model apartment, the rep showed us the utsav in progress( to be completed by July 2012). and took us to the site of Aayush which the construction would start only by May 2012.
    Four seasons was also to be started by June 2012.
    Since it was inside my budget and instantly liked the place, i discussed with my family and booked a apartment of 669sqft in Ist floor aayush.
    Inside there was a operational music college, and couple of manufacturing industries and some office buildings under construction.
    I have decided to move to this place after say 5 or 10 years and by then i trust all the facilities would be operational.
    For now, it is just a investment which will help me in reducing the tax burden.
    As a added incentive, there are amenities like club house,gym,swimming pool.
    And assured rental for 2 years from the date of posession.
  • There is definite future potential for areas you mentioned like Urapakkam and Guduvanchery. They are going to be part of the mega region, being planned for Chennai. But Marg Swarnabhoomi is an isolated township, far away from Chennai.
    If you want peaceful living, go for it.
    If you want capital appreciation, look for alternatives.
  • swarnabhoomi proj is closer to pondy than chennai
  • it is neither pondy or chennai- forget anything happening for the next10 to 15 years and neither u will have any return on your investment. if it is less than 1000 per sq ft it is oka, u can use it like farm house.
  • @radnats @snt2011
    I bought this marg swarnabhoomi apartment after personally seeing the developments made inside the township.
    My humble question to you , How many of us even in our wild dreams would have guessed that urapakkam ,guduvanchery,vandalur,sriperumbudur,OMR will turn hot in just matter of 6 years ( in 2005 i had a friend who got an apartment built by doshi builders at kandanchavadi for 16lacs) now imagine the cost in kandanchavadi.
    So, we cannot predict whether area will develop or will worsen further.
    For me it was a township which was being planned as a self contained one with walk to work concept ( FYI - Amrita IT park is being set-up inside ).
    and a very healthy and clean atmosphere ( away from the city ).
    I would want to spend my retired life ( @50) in this facility , but it will be semi-retirement as still i would be doing some kind of work ( but for a lesser salary), and leading a peaceful life.
  • I perfectly agree with you. It is a good place for retired and peaceful life. Less investment, more comforts and less returns!
  • Personally for me the healthy,peaceful, securitised gated community is a wonderful return(for the money i am investing) as i am not planning to sell it in the near future, nor have any target price to sell in the future.

    But who knows as anything could happen and i would like to take it as and when it comes, for now it is just a safe and sound investment which when complete will offer a decent life-style and in fact, i could rent-it out too (if not staying there) as the demand is high for the people working inside the community
  • Sounds like reasonable investment provided maintenance fee is less, no point paying thousands every month when there is no possibility of rental return or self occupation.
  • Rental return is assured for First 2 years from MARG, and thereafter i very sincerely hope (with what i seen there) there will be a demand for residences inside this facility as it will be very convenient for people working in the companies inside the campus.
    And since this is a budget apartment, the rental and maintenance would be nominal.
  • It is funny how people are marketing cheyyur port & power project as USP, cheyyur power project is coal fired UMPP. The amount of coal that would be imported and handled will be huge! Coal is a dirty cargo, so we can expect lots of coal dust and smoke in surrounding areas. The real estate lobby tried to shift the UMPP project to maduranthagam, but central govt didn't agree, it was in the news couple of years back, search for cheyyur UMPP and there will be lots of Hindu news snippets on this.
  • This is another thread where I find indirect marketing for this project. Typically if someone has booked, they would ask for people who have booked to form a group so that they could discuss the project progress and other related items.

    Here the buyer (with due respect) keeps uncovering new points about the project every alternate day.

    I personally feel that it will take lots of time and not just 2 years for people to move in..

    Potential buyers: My 2 cents worth of input will be to do your due-diligence and then take a call on buying and don't fall for these type of indirect marketing..
  • how true, many projects sales representatives r promoting their project here, all beware- do due diligence and dont go by others words or comments here.
  • @Love4land @Kaishu @snt2011.

    I am in no way marketing this directly or indirectly , pls understand, as i have bought this property and i am not sharing my opinion to get some business for marg.

    I am not uncovering new facts everyday, if you have read my initial post, i have mentioned everything there.

    I am just answering the query someone had put on the value of the purchase.
    Not necessary i have to start a new thread to form a group for people who have bought this property.

    Also refrain from giving any opinion without personally seeing the developments happening inside and around the township

    If you are not interested in this thread, why do you care to answer ? leave it to those who are genuinely interested about this property.