This is posted for my friend. He has land in ECR that he purchased through a reputed real estate company in Chennai. The plot he bought along with a few of the adjacent plots got approved in 1973 to be used as office site along with other plots that are approved for residential purposes. This plot is about 850m from the sea. It appears that the real estate company didn't get subdivision approval to split the office site and sell them as individual plots. When the real estate company requested for approval some time back, they gave the government land for roads, parks etc. and in that grant, they have stated that they can sell the office site at a later time but they didn't go to CMDA later on stating how much plots does this office site will be subdivided into and get subsequent approval. My friend already has patta, chitta etc. in his name. The question he has is that whether he can go ahead and construct a house now and get taxed by the local panchayat or need to go through CMDA approval, and if so, will he get CMDA approval for this type of plot. He has also seen an article in Dinamani recently that stated that CMDA has introduced new rules to make construction approval in ECR very easy and he has heard rumors that once details about the new rule is made public, then this type of land will be pre-approved. Any body has any thoughts on how he can proceed before constructing a house in this place so that he doesn't get into trouble later on? Thanks for your patience (it is a long post, I know...).

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  • Originally Posted by chennaiguy

    Unless sub division was done, how patta was issued for that portion?

    Once it is called Commercial by CMDA, you have to apply for reclassification. In this case, you are trying to downgrade from commercial to residential and so it will take less time for office procedures.

    You can not contruct any building without obtaining the reconversion to residential and CMDA or corporation or local panchayat permission (for small plots ) has to sanction your building plan. Then only you can start construction.